Bernard Doyle

I was unsure if strength training/post-rehab was going to help in my path to recovery (I was in a car accident). However, I gave it a chance and pushed myself to limits that I didn’t know were possible. In short, ECK has provided an eye-opening experience; a way of life that I have tried to pursue several times before, but never achieved or maintained in a sustainable manner.

Today, I’m getting closer to my target weight and strength goals, but in a much more efficient, safe, and meaningful fashion. I have been strengthening my core and lifting weights in a way that makes sense for my body, and this way of living is one that I intend to continue for the rest of my life.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, know your limits, and remember that your strength and conditioning program is constructed around a pathway to recovery; it works, and I highly recommend East Coast Kinetics.

Don and Geraldine Noseworthy

Our history with East Coast Kinetics dates back several years. Our initial referral was due to repetitive strains and discomfort related to work and activities of daily living. We were seeing a Chiropractor and a Registered Message Therapist, and they both recommended we consider seeing a Kinesiologist to compliment and reinforce their therapeutic interventions.

After a very thorough consultation, movement screen (Functional Movement Screen), and several guided training sessions, we were quickly noticing changes to our flexibility and strength in all the right places. Our endurance and quality of movement were also greatly improved when doing routine tasks, to the point that muscle relaxers and painkillers became a thing of the past! We are greatly appreciative of the improvements made to our general health by ECK. Our routine, and weekly sessions continue to keep us in good form, and in good health. Many thanks to the team at ECK! We highly recommend them!

Elizabeth Sheppard Hewitt

East Coast Kinetics has highly skilled, intuitive Kinesiologists. I worked with ECK upon my insurance company’s recommendation after being involved in a car accident. My Kinesiologist was creative in achieving results and increasing my strength and flexibility in a safe and pragmatic way; a real challenge with my injured body. They are very professional and personal in their approach, and I have recommended ECK to everyone I know

Jonathan Roberts

Jonathan sustained a brain injury when he was 2 years old. As a result, his balance has been affected, in addition to his co-ordination, flexibility, and fine motor skills. It was advised that Jonathan work with a Kinesiologist to help improve his posture, core stability, flexibility, and overall strength. Thanks to East Coast Kinetics (since 2010), Jonathan has had the opportunity to reach these goals. Just after a few months of working with ECK, Jonathan improved tremendously according to his Physiotherapist, whom he sees twice a year for checkups. Jonathan has also gained confidence and often brags that he can easily lift heavy weights…all thanks to ECK!

Brenda Roberts (Jonathan’s mom)

Bob Noseworthy

At 59 years old, some may ask why I would start seeing a Kinesiologist. Did I have issues? None that I knew of, except I was getting old! East Coast Kinetics had been working with my wife (Dale Noseworthy) and she did have back issues that caused serious distress. The improvements that I saw in her situation after only a short time were remarkable.

My goal when I started was to maintain my activity level as I entered my 60’s. After 3 years with ECK, I continue to improve. I am amazed at how I feel and regular, consistent, and intelligently designed workouts are the key.

For those of you who may think that you are too old to consider starting let me provide my words of wisdom; while you are never too young to seek health and fitness, you are most definitely never too old!

Dale Noseworthy

I’ve had back problems for many years. In 2009, my Chiropractor recommended strength and conditioning and suggested I contact a Kinesiologist (East Coast Kinetics). As a result, I’m much stronger now and my back problems are much more infrequent; small problems don’t become big ones anymore.

I stay with the program because when there is an issue, instead of missing a workout, we can always figure a way to work around it and that means I don’t regress. If I didn’t have regular appointments, I would find any excuse to avoid working out. Do I like working out? Absolutely not! Do I enjoy the benefits…absolutely!

David Powell

Not long ago, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and I sustained injuries to my back, shoulders, and neck. I saw my family doctor and he referred me to physiotherapy and massage therapy; they were great because they helped set me on a path to recovery and wellness. However, in addition to physiotherapy and massage, my insurance adjuster advised that I see a Kinesiologist at East Coast Kinetics, and I have to say, it was one of the best decisions of my life.

The Kinesiologist was both professional and respectful of my situation and limitations. Over time, he guided me through corrective exercise, and strengthening exercises specific to my needs. I’m happy to say that after all of the help and support, I feel better, and I’m back to work.